Monday, February 10, 2014

Coastal Carnage Review

Back in January, I had the opportunity to attend CoastalCarnage, and although I am a bit tardy in my response, I did want to review this excellent event.  This was a new GT, organized by internet wargaming superstar, Lord Inquisitor, along with another local player (Ron).  It was held in Chesapeake, VA at The Tower of Gaming, which proved to be a hospitable, if a bit small, venue.  After having some time to reflect, here are my reactions to the Mid-Atlantic’s newest GT:

·         They decided to go with a W-L-D scoring system, which was a welcomed change of pace from the 20-0 systems that have become very popular in the area.  Obviously, some armies are more effective at claiming huge victories than are other armies.  I, myself, tend to favor avoidance type lists that seek to hit weak spots in the opposition while avoiding their heavy hitters, and this play style tends to lead to close games.  I’m all for variety in our GT formats, and this system did seem to encourage a different type of play.  With the influx of tournaments in the region, I think players will begin being more selective about the types of events that they attend, so I’m of the opinion that organizers will need to consider carefully things like scoring and comp (I’m only planning to attend one Swedish event this year besides the Masters).  I believe part of the reason that the Fowl Intentions GT filled up so quickly is that it chose the ETC format, which is pretty rare in this region. 

·         The organizers chose to go with a fairly light comp, and I didn’t really see much difference in the lists.  The only comp at Coastal Carnage was a prohibition in taking three of the same specials and two of the same rares and an elimination of special characters.  This affected a few builds (triple chimera, double steam tank, double hellcannon); however, I’d imagine this amounted to no comp for most people.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell a huge difference in the power of the list here compared to most Southern Swedish Comp tournaments (although I think actually applying the victory points bonuses for comp gaps greatly affected the lists at the Masters; hopefully, TOs planning to use this particular system will apply it in this manner in the future).  I’m at a place right now where the only thing that I can see creating truly unfriendly lists are a handful of special characters (Everqueen and  Epidemius mainly.  Maybe Teclis and Morathi as well).  In this regard, I think CC proved that it we don’t need giant spreadsheets to keep the lists manageable but that a ban on some special characters might be wise.

·         Competitive Warhammer Fantasy is growing stronger in the Mid-Atlantic.  This tournament filled up in 24 hours.  The next tournament on the schedule, Fowl Intentions, saw huge demand which forced them to seek ways to increase their capacity.  Brawler Bash reached 70 players in two days and will probably end up making it to 100.  When the new tournament schedule was released, some people were worrying about diluting the player pool.  If anything, all of these options have energized the crowd (and the Masters undoubtedly have something to do with this as well).

Overall, I had a great time at the event.  Everything went smoothly.  I loved the terrain maps, which standardized the boards each round (and I’m hoping this is something that other events may start employing).  Due to space limitations, the event was a bit small (only about 36 people); they’ll probably need to consider their options if it is to be part of the Masters circuit next year.  I liked their paint scoring system, which like their battle scoring system, seemed designed to maintain a tighter spread on the scoring.  Basically, a player would get a 5/10/15 as a holistic army score and a handful of bonus points could then be added.  The top score was 21 while most people clustered together in the 12-15 range.  I have heard some talk that there will be a universal scoring system for Master’s qualifiers in the future, but I hope this is not true.  I would prefer that we have as much variety in paint scoring as we do in battle scoring and comp and think it would be nice to have an event like this one that focuses on holistic army appearance, another that reward truly technical skill, another that benefits heavily converted/themed armies, and so-on.

Personally, I went 3-1-1 with my double dragon list.  I was using the star dragon, a dragon mage, a BSB on eagle, 2 units of reavers, 2 units of silver helms, a unit of archers, a unit of dragon princes with the banner of the world dragon, a skycutter with bolt thrower, and a frost phoenix.  I lost in the first round to a coven of light Empire build in the Battle for the Pass scenario.  The extra distance really hurt me, and that army is really the perfect counter to what I run.  I defeated a chariot/chimera Warriors army, a skaven army, and a beastman army and drew a Slannesh Warriors army (after Mr. Wiatt made some smooth moves in the final round to swing a ton of victory points into his favor).  This gave me enough to finish 8th in battle (I think) with my soft scores (2nd in painting, 1st in sports) I jumped up to 3rd overall, which I’m very happy with.  I’ve had some pretty good luck with sports scores lately, and I have some ideas about what goes into winning these types of awards.   I heard the Ohiohammer guys suggest that winning sports awards has to do with kissing up to or bribing opponents, but I don’t think those things have anything to do with it. Indeed, I think they can actually work against a person’s score. Maybe I’ll write up an essay on the subject for a future post (I think a lot of it comes down to the style of list a person plays).

That’s enough for now.  Right now, I’m gearing up for the Master’s on Feb. 21.  I apparently drew one of the Northeast Region’s top players and was picked to lose by the experts (I’m in the second matchup reviewed on this video – I really like the Sportscenter-style analysis they did with all of the matchups.  Kudos to Jerry, Once Bitten, and all of the guest hosts).  I’m really looking forward to this match-up because I think my opponent has a very unique build which will interact with mine in an interesting way.  I see him as having some counters to my stuff, but I also think that I have some counters to his.  Here's the preview video (there will be four of these, each with a different Warhammer internet personality):

As far as my hobby goals, I have completed 5 shadow warriors, converted a dragon into a frost phoenix, and finished skycutter since my last post.  I’m working on 5 more dragon princes, a mounted mage, and a skycutter, which all need to be finished before the Masters.  Wish me luck.  I’ll post some more pictures and go over my Masters list next time.  


  1. "uggest that winning sports awards has to do with kissing up to or bribing opponents"

    There's one of those types in the Chattanooga area, I think his online name was willie the nord of the like, you'll meet him soon enough.

    So you're the under dog eh? Is there a points spread too? lol, not that I'd bet against ya! ;-)

  2. Good luck at Masters mate!
    I know the reason you win the Sportsmanship awards is because you are such an amazingly nice gentleman.
    you have quite a few Daemons to start painting also LOL