Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Warhammer Time in North Carolina!

It is time to bring this little blog out of its yearly hibernation.  As the leaves begin to turn on the trees and the tournament scene starts to dwindle away, I enter into hobby hibernation.   However, the first GT draws near, so it is time for me to get to work (and to start posting)!

This year stands to be the most exciting year yet for those who participate in the NC/SC tournament scene.  First, we will have four GT-style events this year:  Scarab-Con in January in Columbia, SC; Brawler Bash in April in Durham, NC; Southern Assault at some point in the summer; and GrailQuest at some point in the fall.  We also have GameOnGW's upcoming GamesDay event in High Point, which is always a blast. Furthermore, the scoring of these events will be used to crown the first Southern Overlord, a title which will go to the year's most successful Warhammer Fantasy Player.  In addition, we have a Bull City Gaming, a podcast which covers and promotes the local gaming scene (as well as other interesting gaming-related topics) and WarNC, a website seeking to promote the hobby.  Exciting times indeed!

Although I don't have any pictures for this post, I wanted to make a short post to get things moving again (although it's no coincidence that my posting hibernation corresponded with the taking of a new job).  Last year, I devoted a lot of time to my Tomb Kings army, and it is nearly tournament ready.  I'll share some shots in my next post.  I initially thought that I would use the TKs this year in the tournaments, but internet rumors have changed my mind.  It looks like this might be my last year with my current high elf book, so I am planning to use this year to say my fond farewell to a fun armybook (I will bring the TKs to non-GT events though). With this in mind, here is my pre-tournament hobby to-do list:

  1. Take a painting lesson.  I have a friend in NE Tennessee who has recently been bitten hard by the 40k bug.  He is an amazing painter (and a trained artist) and has agreed to meet with me a couple of times over my holiday visit to teach me some techniques.  I expect him to start his own painting blog soon enough.
  2. Get another horde of white lions painted.  After all, one horde is never enough.
  3. Get a full blown Caledor-themed army done in time for Brawler Bash.  To do this, I will need to paint a new unit of dragon princes (my old ones are so poorly painted that it makes me weep).  I have visions of a unit of 10 with two small reaper dragons flying over head.  However, I haven't exactly worked out how to support the metal dragons over the unit.  I will also need a new display board.
  4. Play Teclis one time at a tournament.  I haven't played him at all during eighth edition.  It would be a shame to get a new book without ever using the most powerful thing in the old book.  I',m just trying to figure out how to slip him in without getting punched.
  5. Play Alith Anar one time at a tournament.  I like the fluff of the Shadow Warriors, but no one ever uses them.  I'd like to roll up with a proper shadow warriors army and see what I could get done (my guess would be 0-5, but at least I could say I did it).  I'm guessing that I try this at the Southern Assault tournament since it has the most advantageous comp rules for weaker armies.
Last year, I was pretty successful in fulfilling my goals. I wanted to take a Dragon Mage to a tournament, and he ended up working out pretty well.  I wanted to win a painting award, and I (narrowly) managed to do so.  I also wanted a proper horde of white lions and another of swordmasters, and I managed to get them finished.  We'll see how I do this year.

Thanks for reading; I'll be posting some pictures of my recent painting accomplishments soon (2 screaming skull catapults, a big honking unit of chariots, a big honking unit of Necropolis Knights, and some TK archers).  (As an aside, how about some of you NE Tennessee players put the Brawler Bash on your vacation list.  This year, they are running a big 40k tournament alongside the Fantasy event.  If we get it organized quickly enough, I bet that I can arrange some cheap housing for the group).