Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scarab Con Report and *%!!&#& Teclis

I am well behind putting this post up.  For a while I was waiting on tournament results, and then I just got distracted.  In January, I attended a GT in Columbia, South Carolina at Scarab Con.  This seems to be the smallest of the region's grand tournaments; however, a lot of good players were in attendance.  I enjoyed the trip down, and I'm looking forward to heading down again next year (and I'm sure we will be back as my fellow Mangler Paul won himself free admission to the tournament next year).

Because the tournament was completely uncomped, I decided this was my opportunity to take Teclis.  I figured that Teclis will be out of the new book (or will cost 600 points), so I might as well break him out to see how he works in this edition.  Ultimately, I can't say that I really enjoyed playing the great wizard of cheese.  I did, however, learn a few things about playing him:

  • Don't take death magic.  I didn't want to play a mindrazor list.  That would be way too over the top, so I decided on either light or death.  I ultimately went with death to counter other folk's characters.  I learned, however, that death is much too random to compliment Teclis.  Purple Sun has random range and can misfire.  Spirit Leech is a roll off.  If you take Teclis, you are taking him to eliminate the random factor and to ensure that you get your spells off.  The random nature of death undermines that.  In one game, I shot three purple suns at a treeman coming to kill Teclis.  The first one came up short and then moved out of the way.  The second misfired.  The third misfired.  The treeman then killed Teclis.  
  • The Banner of the World Dragon is a must take.  Teclis (and the Book of Hoeth Mage) is going to draw a lot of attention.  The Banner ensured that troops had to make it to him.
  • Some armies have counters for him.  Teclis is best against the deathstars that are very popular right now.  I played an Empire army that had a horde of 40 knights.  Teclis really showed in that game.  However, anything with flyers is tough.  
  • No one likes Teclis.  Of course everyone knows that, but you will generate a lot of ill will when you break him out.  I'll end up having to take a Dragon Mage to Brawler Bash in order to make it up to everyone.
In the end, I ended up fifth overall.  I made a few mistakes in one game (including letting someone cast a very decisive hex on the unit with Banner of the World Dragon.  Doh!) which led to a loss, and I also lost by getting seriously outplayed by the man who ultimately won the whole tournament (Congrats, Bobby!  You can check out his blog here).  I did manage to take home Player's Choice Army; however, my guess is that might have been because some of the better painted armies won an overall prize.  

On the positive side, I did get the very cool Teclis model painted.  You'll note that my Teclis has had the top of his staff replaced with the staff from the Isle of Blood mage.  What happened is that I broke the top of the staff off my Teclis.  I then put it somewhere where I knew that I could find it when I was ready to paint him up.  I was never able to find it.  Luckily, the Isle of Blood staff looks like it was made for him.  My wife claims he looks like a drag queen:

Currently, I'm working on getting High Elf archers ready.  I want 50 in my 3k list.  I only have 30.  Time to paint!  


  1. lol, that's because most High Elves ARE Drag Queens...

  2. Hey BOB next time you are in KPT would love to get a game in.

  3. I'd love to play a game. Finding time to play is tough. I'm trying to talk Jason into coming up for Brawler Bash. They have 54 people signed up right now. It's going to be a huge tournament. You should come up too:

  4. Will see what i can do, thats alot of painting to get done by then LOL

  5. They are running a 40k tournament at the same time. Just saying.

  6. Would rather run Fantasy (i think its always been a better game) Need to decide this week if i am going to go. (hotel room is gonna cost me and its also how much i can paint this week!
    Email me when you get a change it will be easier to chat LOL

  7. Thinking of taking this army list
    Warriors of Chaos Army List

    LORDS 405pts
    Valkia the Bloody 405pts

    HEROES 576pts
    Chaos Sorcerer - Nurgle, Level 2, Dispell Scroll, 180pts
    110 10 35 25
    Chaos Hero - Khorne, Shield, Daemonic Mount, barding , Gold Sigil Sword 193pts
    110 10 3 35 15 20
    Chaos Hero - Khorne, Juggernaught, Shield, soul feeder, Biting Blade, Speed Potion 203pts
    110 10 55 5 10 10 5
    CORE 943pts
    19 Marauders - Command, Shields, Nurgle 201pts
    114 30 19 38
    24 Warriors of Chaos - Command, Khorne, AHW 462pts
    336 30 48 48
    Chariot Khorne 120pts
    110 10
    Chariot Khorne 120pts
    110 10
    5 Warhounds 30pts
    SPECIAL 690pts
    5 Chaos Ogres - Nurgle, Champion, AHW 205pts
    175 10 10 10
    Chimera - breath 230pts
    210 20
    5 Knights - Khorne, Command, Ensorcled weapon 255pts
    200 10 30 15
    RARE 384pts
    3 Skullcrushers - Champion, Musician, ensorcelled weapons 254pts
    225 10 10 9
    Chaos Spawn - Tzeentch 70pts
    50 20
    Chaos Spawn - Nurgle 60pts
    50 10