Monday, April 9, 2012

Blood in the Badlands and Some New Bowstrings

I decided to try and add bowstrings to my archers in hopes of jazzing them up a bit.  I took the advice from Ben over at "The Quiet Limit of the World" and used thread as the medium for the bows.  I expected it to be time consuming and annoying, but it was actually very easy.  My process was to drill a hole in each archer's hand using my smallest bit.  I then dabbed a bit of glue at the top of the bow and wrapped the string around.  After passing the string through the hole and pulling it tight, I dabbed the bottom in glue and cut off the loose ends.  One of them lost its tautness and will have to be restrung, but they have otherwise held up fairly well.  Here are some shots:

I have two units of these finished. Ultimately, I'll probably add an arrow to the models.  I have a bunch of loose arrows from TK sprue that I'm considering, but I'm a little worried about the scale.

While my gaming time has been largely consumed getting my army ready for Brawler Bash, we've started a Blood in the Badlands campaign, and I got my first game in on Saturday.  There are eight players in the campaign, and we have the following armies represented:  my high elves, vampire counts, dark elves, empire, wood elves, warriors of chaos, skaven, and orcs.  This is my first map-based campaign, and it seems to be pretty well done.  However, as the campaign progresses it looks like there will be a lot of power escalation, and I'm interested to see how that will work out.  For example, my elf lord has already picked up +1 strength and 60 bonus points in magic items.  He's going to be a beast, but I shudder to think what will happen when the vampire lord starts to get buffed.

The rules call for each player to have three armies, and we've decided to have set lists to avoid tailoring.  In addition, no magic item can be used more than once by any player; this should remove some of those items that you see in every list (an elf army with no banner of sorcery?).  My goal in building these lists is to 1) play with some units and builds that don't get much use and 2) to theme each list differently.  Here's my first army:

Prince (helm of fortune, bow of seafarer, great eagle)
Alith Anar
Mage (reaver bow, death)
Mage (seerstaff, shadow)
BSB (mounted, battle banner)

30 Archers (banner of flames)
30 Archers

29 White Lions (amulet of light)
11 Silver Helms
14 Swordmasters
5 shadow warriors
5 shadow warriors

It is becoming apparent that one of my chief foes will be the dark elves (as it should be); therefore, Alith Anar has arrived to settle a few scores and hunt down as many of the druchii as he can.  The book "Shadow King" (which I think is actually pretty good for game fiction) suggests that Alith is often supported by Chrace, so I figured he'd haul some white lions along with his shadow warrior followers.  The silver helms are here to represent the Knights of Anlec (surely the group still exists in some form), which were in the past an important part of Alith Anar's army.  As Alith is not trusted by most elves, the swordmasters are there to keep an eye on him (as well as to hunt down any pleasure cults those foul dark elves might try to establish in my kingdom).

 Obviously, this isn't a power list, but I think it should be fun to play.  It has enough tricks to be competitive I think.  If any elf players see this and can think of any way to make it more "shadowy," post away! 

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  1. Nice! I have been wanting to get back to work on some of my Warhammer units, particularly my Empire huntsmen which I want to string their bows like this as well.